Why AS-HOM cTrader

Why AS-HOM cTrader

Why AS-HOM cTrader is the Optimal Choice for Trading?

Online trading has become an essential part of the modern era, with many different trading platforms available, traders are searching for the best one to meet their needs. AS-HOM cTrader platform is considered one of the best platforms among trading platforms worldwide for several reasons that we will mention in the following article:

Features of AS-HOM cTrader Platform
AS-HOM cTrader is suitable for all devices; it is available on computers, mobiles, and tablets.
Moreover, the AS-HOM cTrader platform offers many features where you can trade as an investor or as a strategy provider. You can share your strategies and trades with other investors, or you can invest by copying trades by selecting a professional trader's strategy. You can also trade independently by clicking the "Trade" option and start trading in the markets that suit you.
You can reset the chart with a single click, as the AS-HOM cTrader platform provides the feature of resetting the chart to the default view. You can also open trades directly from the chart by clicking on the desired price level and selecting to create a new order, whether it's a buy or sell order.
In addition, AS-HOM cTrader offers a Stop Loss feature, where you can set a specific price level, and the trade will be closed automatically if the price reaches that point.
Moreover, AS-HOM cTrader provides a feature for multiple take profits, where you can set multiple points to take partial profits while aiming for a larger target. This feature is beneficial as it helps protect against market volatility and reduces market risk.
AS-HOM cTrader also offers an economic calendar, so you don't have to waste your time searching for economic news results. Not to mention the various analysis tools available, such as the Fibonacci tool and other technical analysis tools, as well as sentiment analysis and buy/sell ratios for trades.
Furthermore, AS-HOM cTrader provides:
Standard Market Depth: This option allows traders to monitor market movements accurately by tracking aggregated trade prices from various brokerage companies.
Price Depth in Market: This scale is executable and can be used to enter precise trading orders, helping to execute scalping strategies more efficiently and accurately.
VWAP Market Depth: This feature helps estimate expected liquidity and the expected spread between buy and sell prices. It's particularly useful for more experienced traders dealing with large and varied trading volumes.
Lastly, AS-HOM cTrader has a "Symbol info" button that allows you to access all the details and information about a symbol, such as the underlying asset, lot size, swap rates, point value, and more. The minimum/maximum trading volume and stop loss/take profit levels can also be set through this feature, among many other advantages that cater to the investor and trader and can be explored through the following link:
Traders praise the cTrader interface for its smoothness, elegance, and ease of navigation compared to the MetaTrader platform. The cTrader platform features a larger charting area and offers a variety of indicators and tools for traders. This helps traders who want to enhance their strategies understand the market better. Additionally, cTrader makes it easier to interpret chart indicators and technical tools. Overall, customers using cTrader's previous versions find it highly suitable for their needs.
Charting and How to Use it in cTrader
The cTrader interface boasts a beautifully designed charting area that is extremely user-friendly. Furthermore, you can customize and arrange charts according to your specific needs. The cTrader platform offers a wide variety of chart patterns, color schemes, and timeframes to meet your expectations and needs.
You can use three different modes to organize charts in your workspace. You can choose to display all open charts next to each other, expand one chart across the entire screen, or even arrange charts based on sizes and positions that suit you. You have complete freedom to customize the user interface to achieve a comfortable and efficient trading experience that matches your personal style.
Color Schemes and Timeframes in cTrader
The platform offers a wide range of indicators and timeframes to help you analyze the market and make informed trading decisions. You can access a comprehensive list of over fifty different indicators, including moving averages, MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger Bands, and more.
These indicators are divided into four main categories:
Trend: Help you understand the major market trends and whether prices are trending up or down.
Oscillator: Provide information about market volatility and the potential for changing trends.
Volatility: Assist in analyzing market volatility levels, which are essential for determining when opportunities may be in your favor.
Volume: Offer insights into trading volume and market activity strength.
In addition, the platform provides a wide range of timeframes to help you with technical analysis and make more precise trading decisions. You can access common timeframes such as 1, 5, 15 minutes, and 1 hour, but cTrader goes further with timeframes ranging from 45, 20, 10 seconds to 1 minute and up to 94. This flexibility can help you analyze the market with higher accuracy and execute advanced trading strategies more efficiently. In general, cTrader makes it easy to customize indicators and timeframes to better suit your trading needs.
Trading on the cTrader Platform
To start trading using the cTrader platform, simply access the vertical column typically located on the left side of the screen. In this column, you will find a list of various assets, such as metals, oil, and forex currency pairs, along with current bid and
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