AS-HOM Automate


Automated Trading

The algorithmic trading system AS-HOM Automate is directly integrated with AS-HOM and smoothly integrates with other platform features. Using the highly effective AS-HOM API from a platform with the required capabilities to fully backtest and optimize trading strategies, traders can create automated trading robots and custom indicators in the well-known C# language.

AS-HOM Automate API

The human-readable format of the AS-HOM Automate API, which was created especially for margin trading, makes it simple for users and developers to interact with it. The API’s functionality is vast and enables every conceivable scenario for trading Forex and CFDs. To provide automated strategies with as much information as possible, market data, trading history, all order kinds, position modification parameters, symbol, account, connectivity, and error information are all available.

Since C# is already used by millions of developers, traders may access a sizable and vibrant community without having to learn a new programming language for a specific platform.

Productivity Tools

With the help of AS-HOM’s Automate various tools, users may create robots and indications quickly and effectively.

In-built Code Editor

Using Visual Studio or the built-in code editor, you can write code for robots and indicators. With helpful features like search, auto-formatting, and code completion, the code editor is made to make coding as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Automate API

The robust Automate API provides you with access to all the functionalities required for creating a robot or an indicator, such as market data, prebuilt indicators, and trading features. By using this API and its reliable, thoroughly tested classes and functions, one can significantly reduce the amount of valuable development time required.

Plug & Play Automated Trading

With AS-HOM’s “plug and play” functionality, you can load a robot or indicator (or get one from a community member) and press “play” to start trading right away without having to go through laborious installation processes. You can quickly install and start using cBots with “plug and play.”


Any trader or developer can create automatic trading methods and unique indicators with the help of a variety of available features.

Visual Backtesting

For evaluating and comparing a cBot's performance against a broker's own historical tick or trendbar data over any defined time period, AS-HOM offers advanced visual backtesting options.


Traders can identify the ideal set of parameters for their cBot using an advanced optimization functionality. The performance of various backtesting techniques is compared during optimization.

Historical Data

The historical data of numerous symbols are accessible through the AS-HOM platform. It is possible to backtest robots using precise historical data for many different timeframes, including raw tick data.

Trade Statistics

Examine transaction statistics for your backtesting outcomes, including Net Profit, Max Balance Drawdown, Max Equity Drawdown, Winning Trades, and other pertinent data.

Backtesting History

View the complete backtesting history. View vital details about each transaction, including the entry and close prices, net and gross profits, volume, and direction.

Deal Map

Put the information about completed trades in a chart. Enhance strategies by observing when deals open and close and comparing those times to underlying price changes.