Complaint Handling Policy

This complaint management policy’s goal is to describe the company’s efficient and open complaint handling process for all current clients.

One of the following methods may be used to file a complaint:

  • Using the email address:
  • Calling the company’s designated telephone number, which may be found on the website,
  • Through a formal letter sent to the business’s registered address, which can be located on its website.

Please be aware that the date of the incident and any supporting documents must be included with the complaint when it is filed. The company’s compliance officer handles all official complaints, and all data and paperwork are handled in the strictest confidence.

Within the next two working days after receiving a legitimate complaint, the client will receive a written acknowledgement. The unique reference Number (URN) that must be used in any subsequent communications with the Company regarding the particular complaint will also be disclosed to the Client in this acknowledgement, which serves as further notice.

The Company will look into the complaint made by the Client in an effort to quickly resolve any problems.

The Company may inform the Client of the handling procedure and seek additional information and/or documentation (as needed) during the complaint investigation period in order to complete the comprehensive assessment of the relevant complaint.

If the client is not pleased with the company’s evaluation or resolution, the company will provide the client with information about the regulatory authority or other appropriate entity that can look into the complaint further.