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In many ways, cryptocurrency trading is similar to forex trading. Because our cryptocurrencies are priced in US dollars, you can make predictions about whether they will appreciate or decline in value relative to the currency of your choice.

Placing a buy order on BTC/USD indicates that you think the price of Bitcoin will increase relative to the US dollar. Based on the price movement and the size of your positions, if the price increases, you will be profitable. Your account will incur losses if it declines.

Trading forex and trading cryptocurrencies differ primarily in two ways. The crypto markets are still developing and very unstable. Risk management is therefore crucial for traders who want to take part in this fast-paced trading environment.

The second significant distinction is that cryptocurrencies are unaffected by monetary inflation. Governments have complete control over the printing of fiduciary currency. The market caps of cryptocurrencies, however, are predetermined.

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Why trade Crypto CFDs?

High Volatility

Take advantage of the dynamic movements in the crypto markets.

Go Long And Short

Trade the rise and fall of fast-moving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

No Digital Wallet

Trading Crypto CFDs removes the hassle of dealing with exchanges.


Diversify your risk by participating in new markets.

New Opportunities

Gain exposure to decentralized markets less affected by geopolitical events.

Easy Access

Trade forex, CFDs and cryptos all from the same account.

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