Privacy Policy

Throughout the course of our partnership with you, we may collect information (including personal data) from you. You should be aware of some of the primary concerns in this document’s description of how we handle this personal data. Even after you stop being a customer, we will treat all information we have about you as private and confidential, in line with applicable law and subject to the following. You agree that we:

  • Use your information to: (i) establish your identity and background both before and during the period of these Terms for money laundering and regulatory purposes; (ii) manage and operate your Account and keep an eye on and analyze its activity; (iii) offer additional services to you; (iv) enhance any of our processes, methods, products, and/or services during the period of these Terms; and (v) determine any credit limit or other credit decision (and the interest rate, fees, and other charges that will be applied to it).
  • Use your personal details, such as your contact information and application information,  as well as information about the services we offer you and how you use them, in order to determine which products and services might be of interest to you.
  • In order to promote our services and those of third parties, we may contact you by phone (including automated calls), mail, email, and other electronic messages like short text, video, and picture messaging, and fax.

Your personal information is used by AS-HOM and other carefully chosen third-party service providers in order to abide by legal responsibilities, cooperate with authorities, and meet regulatory and judicial requirements.

  • In order to provide you with services under or in connection with these Terms, you hereby expressly and explicitly agree that we may share your personal information with any of our Service Providers, including but not limited to data processors, information technology service providers, platform providers, marketing service providers, credit card related service providers, or any member of AS-HOM who may only employ it to achieve our own objectives. These objectives include processing orders, producing Transaction confirmations, running control systems, and running management information systems. We shall take the necessary precautions to guarantee the security of your personal information.
  • We might need to reveal information about you or your account, which may or may not expose your identity, in order to meet our duties under various legal and regulatory requirements. We may abide by any request for information regarding you from any relevant regulatory or governmental entity in addition to fulfilling these requirements. You acknowledge that such compliance does not violate any confidentiality obligations we have to you under these terms and conditions. Once both parties have agreed to the privacy policy, it is final and legally binding.