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Join the global stock platform and invest in the largest Copy Trading community, where we use modern and effective technology for trading,
It allows you to discover and copy the strategies of the best professional traders from around the world,
And receive their trades in real-time to your investment account. You can also be a strategy provider and get commissions from the investors

How does copy trading work?

How does copy trading work?

Find a professional trader on the platform leaderboard

Search by performance, assets and win rate percentage, find the right option for you and hit start copying

Check the trader's performance statistics over the previous months

Click on the Investors tab to access the Start Copy settings and basic trading indicators that show how the professional trader is performing, the percentage of profits, and the number of traders.

Choose the strategy and specify the amount of investment to be copied

Choose the type of auto-copy account, direct or demo, and specify the required investment amount Choose how you want to copy the deal for professional traders with or without a profit percentage.

Confirm the settings and start the automatic copy

Enter the amount and click Start Auto Copy. You are now automatically reversing the trader's positions. You can monitor your progress or change your auto-copy settings at any time without closing your positions in the copy-trading section.

Add individual stop loss and take profit triggers

In each transaction that was copied, you can then modify it by determining the percentage of loss, stopping it, or withdrawing your money at the same moment

What is copy trading?

It is one of the effective trading strategies, by copying the strategies that professional traders rely on within the financial markets, whereby new traders can monitor and follow the investment strategies of professional traders, and copy them as they are, or with modification to them as the trader deems it appropriate for him and his investment. Copy trading tends to focus on assets in the forex, cryptocurrency, and other financial markets.

What are the benefits of copy trading?

Learn how others succeed

Copy trading is a great way to learn how the global markets work and this allows you to learn from experienced traders and good strategies how to trade.

Diversity and multiplicity of strategies

"Do not put all your eggs in one basket", where you must distribute the amount that you will invest in several selected strategies to reduce the percentage of loss and ensure the percentage of your profits, as copy trading allows you to choose from the various strategies offered by the best professional traders.

Invest with limited knowledge of the market

You don't need much knowledge about trading in global markets to start your trading journey. You are simply following professional traders who have a good experience.

Easy without effort

Copy trading is easy to monitor and does not require a lot of thinking or knowledge just follow the trader after evaluating their strategy, investment levels, and risk appetite. And if you see that the matter has deviated from the required level, you can stop it or withdraw the amount.

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time saving

Copy trading saves you a lot of time, whether in learning to trade or time to monitor trades several times throughout the day

Earn commissions by providing a strategy

Share your trading strategies and get commissions from your followers for the performance of your portfolio, and you can offer strategies to external sources and thus more profit.

How to get started with copy trading in 4 simple steps

Open a trading account or log into the global stock platform

First, create a real or demo account, select the Investors tab and press Start Copy

Open The Copy Tab

Go to the Strategies tab and browse the top trader that matches your risk appetite and investment levels, check out what they are trading, and their performance, and hit start copying.

Select rolling

When you find the right trader, select Start Copy and choose the funds you want to invest and your preferred risk.

Start your copy trading journey

Click on Start Copying, and you will now start copying the positions of the trader you just followed, keeping an eye on his performance only.

Features of our Copy Trading Platform

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Investing, like our platform, is available to everyone. We developed our platform keeping the needs of traders in mind, whether they are using the app or the desktop version. Therefore, they will not have any difficulty in finding their way into trading.

In-app notifications copy trading

In-app notifications

Traders can subscribe to in-app notifications to get information about price alerts, order execution statuses, symbol information, and more. Users can instantly dismiss in-app notifications by simply clicking on them.

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Speed in implementation

Your ability to execute orders quickly will determine your success; Using the AS-HOM platform platform, this is possible in just a few milliseconds. In addition, the AS-HOM platform provides simultaneous processing of requests, allowing simultaneous fulfillment of many requests without the need to queue requests.

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dark mode

Invest during the day or at night. Dark mode is easy on the eyes, whether you're rolling late at night or appreciate a stylish look.

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You can set rules to lock in profits, from setting profit/loss ratio, updating stop/limit for specific trades, closing profitable trades or being notified of any important changes in the markets.

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Multiple withdrawal and deposit options

With the many electronic and office options that we offer, our clients can fund their accounts quickly and easily.


Satisfaction testimonial: Our clients experience

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I work for a long time and do not have time for another job to increase my income. I considered this investment an opportunity to enumerate my sources of income. My experience is good so far.

copy trading

I am comfortable because I can control my account and choose deals according to my budget.


It's very nice. I joined it based on my friend's recommendation, and I am very grateful for that.


I was afraid at first because there are scam companies, but thank God my experience with your company was good


The platform is very easy and gives detailed reports, I hope to continue to make profits.


A new and excellent experience, being my first time making an investment. It took me a while to understand it, but it's easy and uncomplicated


The platform is great and easy to use, very nice


It needs some money at the beginning, and to see the work of the strategy providers and then copy from them.

AS-HOM Copy Trading FAQ

Yes, copy trading is very safe in the global stock platform

It depends on the investment amount option you choose and on each professional trader’s trading strategy with us

Copy trading can be profitable and earn you big money without doing any work besides your own work but if you follow certain strategies that we offer you through paid advice

As with all investments, there are always risks. The biggest risk an investor may face is if the trader’s strategy does not work, the investor may lose money. Investors also face liquidity risk if the instruments they are trading experience illiquid conditions when the markets are volatile. Finally, investors can face regular risks if the product they are trading experiences sharp falls or rises

Yes, there is a very big difference between social trading and the feature of copying trading deals, as each strategy differs from the other in principle, but the two properties are included under modern trading strategies

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