What is FIX API

In order to communicate directly with the AS-HOM Server, the FIX API employs FIX messages. Its foundation is the FIX protocol. The most used protocol for electronic trading is one designed for sending digital messages containing financial data. Exchanges, brokers, banks, and other financial institutions frequently communicate with one another using FIX.

FIX API for Retail Traders

Retail traders can conduct FIX message transactions utilizing their AS-HOM Accounts and the AS-HOM FIX API. FIX API credentials are generated along with the creation of each trading account. Traders can quickly access their credentials whether they are using the desktop or web versions of the AS-HOM platform. Traders can transmit all order types (market, stop, and limit), obtain the most recent prices and market depth, and keep track of their positions and order status thanks to the messages included in the trading channel.


Institutional, experienced, and high-frequency retail traders will benefit most from this trading interface because it helps to improve their trading talents.

Execution Speed

Orders are performed quickly thanks to fast connectivity and reduced communication delay.

Real-Time Data

Large volumes of data are delivered almost instantaneously, giving traders access to crucial real-time streaming data.


Trading with the AS-HOM FIX API is free. Access does not require administration or commitment.

Building Apps

Using the FIX API, traders can create time-sensitive trading apps with the least amount of latency possible.


The FIX API is already equipped with a feature set and language tailored specifically for the financial sector.

Unified Protocol

Since FIX is a widely used standard protocol in the financial sector, all institutions can quickly and easily deploy it.


For traders wishing to use the AS-HOM FIX API, there are many support resources available.


To assist software developers in FIX API adaptation, the FIX API Specifications documentation is a dedicated implementation guide for the AS-HOM FIX API. It serves as a reference for every message that the API supports, and it is continually updated.


To assist traders and developers with their projects, Spotware’s GitHub account has sample projects on how to create, send, and receive FIX API messages. With any significant modification made to the API, samples are updated.


A dedicated category of threads is available for AS-HOM FIX API in the AS-HOM Community. Users can discuss FIX API subjects with fellow traders, and clarify all their questions with the help of the AS-HOM community team.


The AS-HOM Help Center has a section devoted to the AS-HOM FIX API. Users can access a thorough introduction, the most recent ground rules, illustrative documentation, and other details on FIX API for those unfamiliar with the technology from this page.