Utilize the AS-HOM Open API to create your own program. Anyone can use this openly accessible, safe, and free API. It can be used to integrate with the exclusive technology by a trader, developer, or technology supplier.

What is an Open API?

A purposely constructed interface for an application to be built on top of an already existing technological foundation is known as an application programming interface or API. The Open API is open and free to anyone who wishes to use it to construct their own application for a personal project or business endeavor.

What can be done with the AS-HOM Open API?

By utilizing the AS-HOM Open API, anyone with an innovative or ground-breaking concept can aid in providing traders with value and profits.

Display Trading Results

One of the most frequent uses of account information is to publish trading methods online by filling out web profiles like Myfxbook.

Create a Trading Robot

To execute trades through your AS-HOM account, just connect your own black box algorithm to your account.

Create a Notification System

To receive alerts or even make trade requests, you can integrate AS-HOM platform with your chosen messaging app, such as Telegram or Skype.

Create Charts and Widgets

Create your own charts and widgets using a real-time pricing feed, then embed them in your website, blog, or forum.

Create a Copy Trading System

All the options required to create a copy trading system that duplicates orders from one AS-HOM account to another are available in Open API.