AS-HOM Trading


Fast Entry and Execution

Your ability to fill orders quickly will determine how successful you are; on the AS-HOM platform, this is possible in only a few milliseconds. Additionally, AS-HOM offers simultaneous order processing, allowing for the simultaneous fulfillment of several orders without the need for an order queue.

Level II Pricing

The depth of the market provided by AS-HOM displays the entire spectrum of executable prices as provided by liquidity providers. Utilizing volume weighted average price (VWAP), orders are filled in accordance with the entire order book.

Advanced Order Protection

Choice of Trigger Methods

To guard against inaccurate prices, pending orders and stop losses might be activated by the opposite side, the second consecutive price, or even the second consecutive opposite price.

Advanced Order Protection

Server Trailing Stops may be used to track profitable positions, Advanced Take Profit can be used to scale out of a position at various levels, and Stop Loss can be set to break-even.

Stop-Out Type

Two stop-out types are provided by AS-HOM. In the unfortunate situation where the margin drops below the stop-out level, Smart Stop-Out offers the highest chance of recovery. To keep the position open and the entrance point, the position that absorbs the greatest margin will be partially closed. This algorithm safeguards balance, positions, and margin. On the other side, fair stop-out completely closes the largest margin-taking position as opposed to the most loss-making position. As much margin as possible is released using this technique, protecting the remaining spots.

Quick Trade

From any aspect of the platform, Quick Trade can be used to open, close, and alter orders with just one or two clicks. As a result, traders can react swiftly to volatile markets.

Complete Range of Orders

Symbol Info

Particularly with equities, where factors can vary greatly by exchange, symbol information is essential. Through the use of the symbol i-Windows, which advertise all properties such as trading hours, lot size, commissions, swaps, base and quote asset, etc., AS-HOM makes sure that traders are specifically informed.

Advanced Order Protection

Volume Tooltips

It’s crucial to know the pip value, commission expense, and necessary margin without having to make a fuss while choosing the order volume. Particularly when a portfolio has several asset types with diverse market conditions. The volume tooltips are effective at informing traders.

Market Snapshot

To assist traders in understanding the price their order was filled at, deal tickets offer a picture of the order book. Every Deal, Order, or Position ticket also includes a complete timeline of events and up to 50 fields of information to guarantee that traders are kept informed at every turn.

Market Sentiment

The ratio of long to short positions for all other trades is shown via a live market sentiment indicator on the AS-HOM platform. This tool is ideal for use while deciding whether to enter or leave the market.

Email Alerts

To be notified of critical events in their accounts, traders can set up a variety of email alerts. There are several types of notifications that are available, such as Pending Orders, Stop Loss and Take Profits triggered, deposits and withdrawals, Stop Out, and up to three custom margin call alerts at various levels.