The same full range of charting and trading functions are available on the AS-HOM website as they are on the Windows Desktop edition. Any widely used browser and any operating system, including MacOS, can access it.

AS-HOM for Web

A web version of AS-HOM’s trading platform is available. For manual trading and charting, AS-HOM Web offers desktop-version-identical capabilities, enabling users to trade from a range of devices and operating systems.

The core package of AS-HOM platform includes AS-HOM Web because web trading platforms are an essential component of operating an online brokerage.

Access on Any Device

Trading is accessible from any device thanks to AS-HOM Web. AS-HOM Web can be utilized on any device that has an HTML5-compatible web browser, which by today's technological standards, includes all of them, in contrast to AS-HOM for Desktop, which is a Windows application that requires pre-installation. You can trade from anywhere using a browser to access the platform, independent of the operating system installed on your laptop or desktop.

Ideal for Mac Users

Given the growing popularity of Apple computers and MacOS, AS-HOM believes it is essential to give its consumers the ideal environment. The support of the Safari browser and assuring Mac users get the most out of AS-HOM Web are therefore highly prioritized. Despite the limited number of trading platforms available to Mac users, AS-HOM Web is a reliable and tested option.

Key Features

Clients can make use of a variety of important advantages provided by AS-HOM Web, including a user-friendly and efficient online trading platform.

Popular Browsers Supported

All widely used browsers are supported. AS-HOM Web has been tested on Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Native Web Platform

AS-HOM has a built-in web platform. There isn't any third-party software that has to be handled or bought.