AS-HOM & Trading Central

Actionable analytics from a global leader in financial research.

Free to all AS-HOM clients.

What is Trading Central?

The AS-HOM is pleased to provide Trading Central’s toolkit for more intelligent trading. A market leader in offering global exchanges, hedge funds, brokers, financial institutions, and individual traders actionable investment research products. Their product line offers technical, fundamental, and value-based analytics interpretation that is both human and automated. By assisting them in generating trading ideas, validating trading decisions, and managing risk right at the point of action, these insights enable today’s traders to take part in the financial markets.

  • Premium Analytics

Independent second opinions from a mixture of automated and human channels

  • Unmatched Market Coverage

24-hour service – ready when you are, where you are

  • 72,000 Instruments Analyzed Daily

Including 250 ETFs, 75 forex pairs, 75 commodities, 25 swaps, and more.

What are the benefits of Trading Central?

Find Opportunities

Trading Central gathers data and news from all around the globe and consolidates it into an efficient suite of channels.

Time Your Trades

Timing is everything in trading. And it’s not just luck – with the right information at your fingertips, be ready for any market move.


Gain all the information you need to go from rookie to expert trader, all laid out in clear, easy-to-follow formats.

Save Time

State-of-the-art algorithms scan the markets and do the hard work for you, letting you concentrate on preparing your next move.